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Project Highlights

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Ship of Fools

Director & Performer

A clownesque and poetic theatre piece featuring an international team of creatives from Sweden, UK, Argentina, and USA.

Ship of Fools tells the story of a group of lost souls struggling to find their dreams together (if they can figure out how to sail the ship).

Libertalia (2020-present)

Co-creator and Performer

A circus collaboration including artists from Sweden, Finland, France, Hungary, Austria, USA, and UK. 
Libertalia is inspired by the real story of the 'Libertalia' pirates who set out to create a utopian land of freedom and equality.
It brings together music, movement and circus, in a collaborative long-term artistic process that opens up new ways of working, playing, and connecting with each other across the chasms that divide us.


Flawed Genius

Solo Clown Performance

Created with renowned clown director and teacher, Sue Morrison, FLAWED GENIUS was funded by the Arts Council of England and toured venues and festivals across four continents, including the New York Clown festival in 2006. 

"A masterful piece of clowning….Never has self-loathing and cosmic ennui been so entertaining and oddly moving…a thinking person’s clown for the new millennium."

(Edmonton Journal, Aug '04)


Artistic Director

The Clownencuentro brings together the best teachers and performers from around the world for an annual festival that promotes training, audience development, research, collaboration and networking for the growing field of clown performance, with a focus on Latin America.

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Gulliver's Marvels


Part of a season of ensemble student shows at the Rose Theatre, Ormskirk, this visually stunning multimedia circus production was a loose adaptation of Swift's classic novel Gulliver's Travels.

Clowning as Social Performance in Colombia

Published by Bloomsbury

The book brings a fresh and updated perspective on the social impact of clowning in the twenty-first century. Through a mix of narrative and vivid description it provides an in-depth analysis of more than 30 distinct clown groups and performers in Bogotá, Colombia, shedding new light on the evolving role of comic performance in contemporary Latin American society.

Get in Touch

La Grande Parade


This piece was commissioned for an exhibition of Fernand Léger's circus paintings at the Tate gallery in Liverpool. A series of vignettes inspired by specific paintings and Léger's love of the French circus blended circus, clowning and choreography, and were performed in the large entrance lobby of the gallery.

Sowing Seeds

Project Manager / Performer

Supported by the Arts Council of England, Sowing Seeds was a collaboration between Burscough Community Farm, Edge Hill University and Walk the Plank, involving 120 community participants, 50 students and 7 experienced artists. 

We used circus, percussion, choreography, clowning, puppetry and interactive theatre to explore the theme of time and new growth in nature.

Short Scruffs 1.jpg

Forest Fairytales

Project Manager / Director

A 6-month "mentoring-into-production" programme, funded by Arts Council of England and delivered in partnership with Walk the Plank (WTP) and Edge Hill University (EHU).

Newly created Short Scruffs produced a street clown show as well as a 'flash mob' choreographed dance with 30 local children at the Ormskirk Gingerbread Festival.

A Trip to America

Performer and Deviser

Based on the comic performances of Charles Matthews, 19th Century raconteur, a series of reconstructive pieces was devised with a team (composer/musician, historical researcher, director, choreographer) and performed internationally at theatre and performance conferences.


The Blahs, Leeds 

 Associate Director

I devised and directed shows for young audiences including Ho Ho Ho! (pictured) at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Silas Marner (drama project for primary schools), and Big Sister Little Brother (Arts Centre tour)

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