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Flawed Genius

Solo Clown Show (2004-10)

Every time I play a chord I think of something awful that's happened to me. And that helps.

A travelling player arrives, with piano and performing bird in tow. What can he do to entertain us?

The Frustration comes from recognising brilliance and knowing that you don't have it.

A tortuous and glorious tale of love and longing. Literally bursting with passion, unrequited love and burning ambition, Flawed Genius is about that part of us all who would like to take on the world and win. It's about love and loss, success and failure. It's where the extraordinary meets the mediocre in a blaze of ineffectual shrieking.

"Though King courts chaos in the form of audience interaction, he continually turns it into improvised comic gold. As clowns go, Barnaby King is very, very funny."

(Oregonian, May '07)

"…a joyous journey of hilarious philosophical life lessons that will undoubtedly leave Fringe-goers grabbing their guts in laughter… Whether clownery is your thing or not, go and see this show."

(Minneapolis Star Tribune, August '07) 

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