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A Pirate Story With a Difference

Libertalia is a new production that has been in development since late 2019. Devised by independent directors Alexis Johnson and Isabel Lagos in association with Fidget Feet, Autoportante, String Theory Harp, the project is an international co-creation involving artists from cities in seven countries: Gothenburg, Sweden; Bootle/Blackpool/Knowsley UK; Turku, Finland; Bad Ischl, Austria; Veszprem, Hungary.  

This performance opens up a new paradigm of working by bringing art, artists, people and place into contact with combined arts co-creation.

The model of co-creation is inspired by the historic global network of pirate privateers known as the ‘Guardians of Liberty’ who purportedly founded the legendary ‘Libertalia’ settlements. Their values of compassion, self-governance, connection have inspired both the artistic production and the means by which we have researched and developed the Libertalia performance.

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