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Ship of Fools

Available for touring 2022/23

Ship of Fools is a clownesque and poetic theatre piece that reflects on being lost, the tyranny of leadership and our struggle to agree on anything.


A crew of foolish misfits is adrift at sea, clutching the battered remnants of their past lives. Their only chance is to work together. But will they be able to agree on who should lead and which direction to head in?


Inspired by Plato's timeless metaphor of a society adrift, Ship of Fools gives us a glance through the telescope into a past that is really our present. It plunges us into the unforgiving oceans of our own folly, but also uncovers, within that ocean, the droplet of hope that keeps us going.


Ship of Fools is designed for mixed-age audiences and can be adapted for a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.