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Ship of Fools

Climb Aboard for a Trip to the Ridiculous Side

Ship of Fools is a clown-based street theatre show that reflects on being lost, the perils of leadership and the endless search for connection.

Three foolish misfits are adrift at sea. They are clutching battered old objects that tie them to their past. Their only chance is to work together, but they cannot agree on who should lead, where they should go, or how to get there.

When they realise their junk can fit together to create a haphazard ship, they climb aboard, and sail off into the sunset, while continuing to fight over who is in charge and where to go.

Ship of Fools gives us a glance through the telescope into a future that is really our present. It reveals the gigantic oceans of our human folly but also, within that ocean, the droplet of hope that keeps us going.

Ship of Fools flows between clownish slapstick antics and poetic object animation with shifts of perspective from puppetry to the spectacular image of the ship sailing away, providing a powerful visual culmination to the slapstick antics of the clowns.

The show is designed for mixed-age audiences in outdoor spaces, and works especially well in venues or festivals where there is easily accessible water (canal, river or sea), but can also be performed entirely on land.