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Laugh at the Beauty of
Your Own Ridiculousness

What is Clown?

Clown is a sacred and spiritual journey to a deeper connection to yourself and to the world around you. Clowning requires great honesty and vulnerability, but once mastered is a powerful tool for transformation. Whether you want to perform as a true clown, use clowning in your own self-development, or harness its power to help others, clowning offers a lifetime of exploration, revelation and deep, deep connection.

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The Founder of Clown Spirit

Hi, I'm Barnaby and my mission is to unleash as many clowns into the world as possible.

I've written books, made shows, produced festivals and taught many hundreds of workshops (you can check out some of my work using the link below). But my greatest joy is passing on the spirit, energy and vitality of clowning to others, whether in person or online.

I believe that clowning has the potential to bring lightness, joy and connection to all our lives and that was why I created Clown Spirit, to serve you in living into your best possible self: your clown.

Clown Powers

How will you use yours?

Clown for Life

Clowning offers many tools for nurturing and nourishing yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It helps you accept your flaws, celebrate your contradictory nature and express your true inner beauty.

Clown for Life 2.png

"To us a clown is somebody sacred, funny, powerful, ridiculous, holy, shameful, visionary. Fooling around, a clown is really performing a spiritual ceremony."
- Lame Deer

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"When you can face all directions of yourself at the same time, you will laugh at the beauty of your own ridiculousness".
-Richard Pochinko


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"A clown is a poet in action. He is the story which he enacts. The clown teaches us to laugh at ourselves."
- Henry Miller

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