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Clown Spirit is seeking a Digital Marketing Ninja

Who We Are and What We Do


We are an energized and ambitious online business, dedicated to the art of clown and to its ineffable potential for doing good in the world.


Our mission is to use the power of clowning to bring lightness, joy and connection to people’s lives, as well as to share knowledge, exploration and research with the clown community. 


We create free and paid content, including courses, videos, blog posts, coaching sessions, and a subscription membership for a growing community who are passionate and committed to clowning.


We are ready to expand and to take clowning to new realms of accessibility, relevance and impact.

What We Need From You


As we seek to expand beyond the existing clown community, we need to develop a broader brand appeal, and develop marketing strategies that attract a new audience to our work. Your role would be to lead this expansion by providing some or all of the following aspects:


  • Developing a new integrated front-end website for Clown Spirit’s various products and branches of activity.

  • Designing and implementing an organic marketing strategy using social media channels.

  • Leading on the design and realization of paid ad campaigns

  • Conceiving a content creation and management plan, including promotional videos, blogs, podcasts and livestreams.

What You Will Need To Be Successful


  • A passion for creating transformative impact through online digital media

  • Professional experience of web design/development or digital marketing, preferably at a leadership level.

  • Focused and creative problem-solving skills.

  • Understanding and personal interest in the field of clown, performance or spiritual development.

  • Desire to be a proactive member of a small dynamic team of creators

Inquiries and Applications (resume + covering letter) to

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