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Weekly Chats With Clown Movers and Shakers

This Week:

My clownversation guest this week is Scot Nery, a master of entertainment and the enigmatic force behind some of the most captivating live performances on the planet. With over 30 years of experience in the world of entertainment, Scot has made his mark as a true virtuoso, both on and off the stage.


Pro Magician at age 11, party clown at 13, street performer at age 20, pancake flipping at 21, show producer 23, and now at the ripe old age of 45 Scot has earned a niche for himself as an action partner to entertainers. Here are few career highlights:


🌟 Scot has had a Star-Studded Career: he's graced the amphitheater stages during Brooks & Dunn's U.S. tours, brought laughter to the HBO Comedy Festival in Vegas, and mesmerized audiences at Coachella and Lollapalooza.


💼 Corporate Collaborations: Scot is not just about live entertainment; he's a sought-after collaborator for corporate giants like Bank of America, Mattel, McDonald's, and many more. His ability to infuse fun, humor, and creativity into corporate events is unmatched.


🎓 Teaching and Empowering: Beyond the spotlight, Scot's passion for sharing his skills shines. He's a dedicated teacher, imparting the art of juggling and laughter to students of all ages. His workshops inspire others to unlock their hidden talents and embrace the joy of performance.


🎥 On-Camera Magic: Scot's talents aren't confined to live shows. He's ventured into the world of film and television, making appearances on shows like 'The Tonight Show with Conan' and 'The Late Late Show with James Corden.' His contortion skills even graced the big screen in films like 'Scary Movie 5' and 'Don't Mess With The Zohan.'


🤹 Multifaceted Mastery: Scot's skills are as diverse as they are impressive. From juggling and clowning to mime and contortion, he's a true jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment world.


🐝 Beyond Entertainment: Scot's dedication to entertaining the world is matched only by his dedication to making it a better place. With a heart as big as his talent, he's committed to using his skills to inspire and uplift others.

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